Have a question to ask?

We’ve had an incredible response to Plantcil over the few months we’ve been operating. There have been hundreds of questions we get asked – we’ve made a curated list of the most important questions that you may to take a look at, before you shoot a question to us.

Are Plantcils Safe for Children to Use?

Yes, it completely is! Our vision for Plantcil™ was to make it completely safe for everyone. We knew that kids tend to chew on the pencils – which is why we made sure that we use the highest quality non-toxic, kid-safe solution to bind the newspapers together.

Does Plantcil Sharpen Well?

It sure does. Infact, Plantcil sharpens much easier than traditional wood pencils – since paper is smoother and softer than wood. Also, it is oven dried for 24 hours, making the newspaper crisp and easy to sharpen. This also helps increase the life span of the sharpener. Hurray!

Will the Pencil Lead Break Easily?

Absolutely NOT! The lead is high quality, 2HB standard, and will give you an amazing experience when you write. In addition, since each pencil is made by the rolling process, the graphite core is always perfectly centered – unlike wood pencils that may have the lead non-centered. Non-centered leads tend to break when sharpened, not the centered lead.

Can You Customize Plantcil for An Event?

Surely we can. Infact, we pride ourselves in being able to customize Plantcil for ANYevent – weddings, marathons, get-togethers, charity balls, birthday parties, farewells and so on. The best part? We have a mind-blogging low MOQ – starting at just 50 pencils and beyond…and prices the VERY best in the industry! Now, that’s a stunning offer, don’t you think? You can drop an email to plantcil@indiansuperheroes.com with your requirements and we will be able to do the needful.

Do You Ship Across the World?

Yes, we do! If you are from outside India, please write an email to plantcil@indiansuperheroes.com with your requirements and we will be able to do the needful. For people from India, we charge a FLAT rate courier charge, irrespective of the number of boxes of Plantcil you order. Go ahead and order a lot of them and be the cynosure of people’s eyes. ?

Newspaper Pencils . . . Isn’t That Boring?

Not PLANTCIL! Each pencil of ours is hand-crafted to perfection, and comes with stunning ethnic Indian designs that has wowed audiences of all age groups alike! Just the joy in sharpening our pencils and watching the exquisite strands of newspaper form amazing patterns is a sight to behold by itself. Newspaper pencils aren’t boring – they are sexy and fun. 

This is a Great Cause . . . Can I Volunteer?

Oh yes, you can! Infact we love working with leaders from various schools, colleges, and corporates in contributing to the ecological wellbeing of our world – and to drive home the need to go ecofriendly, and practice the 3Rs: ReduceReuse, and Recycle. Please write a mail to plantcil@indiansuperheroes.com and let us know how you can help!

If your question isn’t part of this list, ask us your question by simply emailing us at plantcil@indiansuperheroes.com. We promise to not keep you waiting for more than 24 hours for a response!