Aren’t you always looking at ways to make your company meet your environmental standards and social and ecological goals? Shouldn’t that mean that you look around for options to make the stationary you buy for your office eco-friendly?

In addition, all of the office supplies you get are probably not customized for your brand, are they? You can’t provide customized options to your employees for many festivals, events and conferences that you hold. And even if you are offered customizations, it isn’t at a COMPETITVE price, which can fit the company’s budget. Isn’t there a gap here – an ecofriendly office product that is ecofriendly, customizable AND budget-friendly (even if you have low MOQs)?

Plantcil provides you exactly that.

Plantcil™ is a revolutionary, environmentally-sensitive pencil that is made completely of recycled paper.

With no wood in them whatsoever, Plantcil gives you the same great writing quality that you would get from a standard 2HB pencil, but with a greater benefit to the planet and the environment. We save trees…and that’s a cool thing!

Why Plantcil, you may ask.

Think about the stories of rising temperatures, increasing sea water levels, melting ice-caps, forests being destroyed, birds and animals going extinct, floods, droughts and many more today. You will have realized that the reason for all these problems is deforestation.

And what is one of the main reasons for deforestation? The answer may surprise many of you. It is the pencils you hold in your hand…that you have as part of your office supplies. Don’t believe it?

A 20-foot Pine tree needs to be cut down to make 2500 pencils; and there are over 14 billion pencils produced worldwide every year. Think about the number of trees that have been cut. Even when it becomes too short to use, it cannot be just discarded. Why? Because wood takes 13+ years to decompose. That’s a serious toll on the planet.

Plantcil provides you with the opportunity to meet your ecological standards and goals, AND offer customized, stunningly designed pencils to your employees at a HIGHLY AFFORDABLE corporate deal price. We retail each pencil at just SIX rupees, and straight off the bat we offer you a FLAT 20% discount! And, flexible payment terms.

What more are you looking for? Let’s get your first order for Plantcils done today.

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