At Plantcil, we truly believe that we are all part of one world. We work with incredible love and compassion towards making the planet better for our children and our children’s children. After all, we don’t own Earth, we have just borrowed it from our future generations.

An integral part of sustainability is the growth of marginalized, rural and tribal communities across the world through the work we pursue. We believe that ultimate empowerment of women in these communities is the only way forward to make a dent in the universe.

Therefore, we are inviting franchisees for Plantcil from around the world – IF and ONLY IF, you are inclined towards community development as your end goal. We love working with women self-help groups, empowering and training them to operate our machinery, and make exquisite pencils that can be marketed through our channels of corporate tieups across the world.

Great Reasons to Partner with Plantcil:

🔥 Winner of Multiple Global Awards
🔥 Exporting to 7+ Countries Across the World
🔥 Proven Franchise Model
🔥 Generating Sustainable Livelihood for 100s of Rural and Tribal Women
🔥 Enabling Education of 50+ Children from Rural Parts of the World
🔥 BUY BACK GUARANTEE – No Hassles of Finding a Market to Sell Your Products
🔥 End-to-End Operation and Supply Chain Support including:

🔥 Set-Up, Equipment and Raw Material Supply and Sourcing
🔥 Operations Manual and 15 Days In-House Training
🔥 Advertisements and Promotions
🔥 Dedicated Online Support (12 hours/day, 6 days in a week)
🔥 Premium Onsite Support and Maintenance

Ideal Franchisee Profile

👉 Setup in a rural, marginalized community
👉 Employing atleast 70% women as part of the workforce
👉 Passionate about sustainability and driving change in the community
👉 Adequate financial backup with willingness to invest for growth and development

Franchise Facts

✔ The machines that will be provided are as follows:

✔ Semi-automated paper pencil making machine
✔ Cutting Machine
✔ Polishing Machine
✔ [Add-On] Automated Pencil Sharpening Machine
✔ [Add-On] Automated Horse Shoe Stamping Machine
✔ [Add-On] Screen Printing Machine
✔ [Add-On] Customization A3 Machine

✔ Area Required: 1500-3000 sq.ft
✔ Country of Franchising: Worldwide
✔ Investment Required: 12 lakh – 20 lakh [USD 20,000 to 35,000]
✔ Return on Investment:
9 months [With Buy-Back Guarantee]

If you are committed to sustainability and empowering rural communities across the world, you are our ideal franchisee partner! Sign up below: